PLT #3 Invites Public Input

We are holding this meeting because PLT #3 is approaching a financial crossroads. For many years, the district’s student enrollment has been declining, which affects how much money we receive from the State of Illinois.

PLTMS Celebrates Promotion

Student Council President Ella Brooks gave an opening address with the middle school choir and Prophet Pride Band providing musical entertainment.

Presenting the PHS Class of 2019 (video/photos)

The Prophetstown High School Class of 2019 received their diplomas on Sunday afternoon in the PLTMS Gym.

March Of Champions (Graduates) At PES

The pinnacle of the event is celebrated as the students line the hallway and cheer and receive high-fives from the graduates as they make their grand walk. 

PLT #3 Discusses Cost Saving Measures

Board President James Melton said the district is anticipating running a deficit budget next year for the second year in a row adding, that the board’s goal is to not run a deficit budget.

Prophet Post

The May edition of the Prophetstown High School's newspaper, "The Prophet Post" has been published.

Locals Win CGH Scholarships

Ten individuals have been named recipients of the 2019 CGH Health Foundation nursing and healthcare scholarships. Nearly $21,000 will be funded.

PHS Awards Night (photos)

Prophetstown High School held its Awards Night last week handing out dozens of scholarships and academic awards.

PES Honors Volunteers

Prophetstown Elementary School honored those who volunteered at their school this year with entertainment and ice cream last Friday.

High School Serves Communities (video)

The students fanned out in small groups along with a staff member to work on projects to benefit the towns and the school district. 

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